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 Arrive to Halkidiki by plane .

 You can come to Bourbourou by plane using the airport "Makedonia" of Thessaloniki city.

 You can rich airport using various flights from different europe cities.

 After arrive to airport use the Bus routs, taxi or rent a car. 

 By ship.

Thes sortest port is Thessaloniki Port Authority. After  arrive  to  airport  use  the  Bus  routs, taxi,  or  rent  a  car.

By train.

 Halkdiki has not a railway transoprtation. You can arrive Thessaloniki rail station. After  arrive   to   rail  station  use  the 
Bus  routs, taxi, or  rent  a  car.
See analytically the tours of buses in the following picture
Thessaloniki  bus  station  2310316555
Polygyros  bus  station  2371022309
N.Moudania  bus  station  2373021228
Agios  nikolaos  taxi  station-             Bourbourou  2375031324
N.Marmaras  taxi  station  2375071500
Polygyros  taxi  station  2371022460
N.Moudania  taxi  station  2373021371

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